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what readers are writing

On Chasing Sunsets:
Like Dr. Seuss, author Kendra Andrus takes bored kids on an exciting, rhyming adventure, but this book is everything that "The Cat in the Hat" is not. It's always uncomfortable when the "fun" Cat destroys the home and the story suggests that the kids lie to strict ole' mum. In contrast, Chasing Sunsets has a mom that is wild and spontaneous, kicking her kids out of the house and taking them on a chase, exploring their world and finding creativity and beauty. It's the kind of story your kids might want to act out in real life, and you'll be glad if you all do!
On God Made Night:
It didn't matter that she'd been going to bed safely in the dark for her whole life. When our 3 year old suddenly became scared of the dark, nothing that we said could sway her. Kendra Andrus' newest book God Made Night is perfect for calming those little ones who fear the dark. My favorite part is the family dog on each page that shows the security and constancy of God's loving presence. Babies and toddlers LOVE finding the dog! This book is a treat. I can't wait to see more from this author!

~Nicole, Mother of 3

The world of illustrated books for children has found a new voice. Author Kendra Andrus has added her unique song to the treasury that is children's literature. Her books bring to life the simple, spiritual music that permeates the life of a young child. Music in the words, music in the art, these books are what make reading aloud both captivating and gratifying.

In "Chasing Sunsets", Ms. Andrus immerses you in the palette of the setting sun while speeding you through an exhilarating ride from boredom to delight. Open the cover of "God Made Night" and you will discover a mother's musings woven to create a world of insight into the many questions contained in a child's night time fears.

All in all, these books invite and inspire even the most reluctant read-aloud-er. Oscar Wilde advises, "If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all." You will definitely be willing to read these over and over again. I promise.

~Susan, Mother, Musician, Children's Librarian

Chasing Sunsets
By Kendra Andrus
God Made Night
By Kendra Andrus